Wireless Tower Services

East Texas Towers offers a wide range of wireless tower services. We provide high quality, personalized services for HAM radio, television, wireless internet, tower grounding, feedline, and FREE tower removal. East Texas Towers services both residential and commercial customers. Review our tower services in more detail below.


East Texas Towers is an Authorized Distributor of ROHN Tower Products. We stock a wide variety of tower parts for both the ROHN 25g and 45g towers. For more information on the towers that we carry, or to purchase online, click the link below:

Click here to visit our tower sales website.

Wireless internet tower installation is our primary service at East Texas Towers. Many Texas residents are unable to receive internet service from the top providers due to their location. In order to have internet connection, more specifically “fast” internet, customers are required to purchase and install an internet tower that connects to a wireless signal. East Texas Towers will install a wireless internet tower that is high enough to be in direct sight of wireless signal–allowing you to have high-speed internet at home or work. We generally recommend a Rohn 25g tower at 60-70ft, depending on location.

Metal towers, and their component pieces, will corrode over time. The biggest problem we see with existing towers is improper connection insulation, resulting in water damage to the feedline. East Texas Towers can inspect your existing tower for damage, corrosion, or other wear and fix any pressing issue.

East Texas Towers understand the importance of having a tower. As a “HAM” operator, I take tower installation seriously. Safety during installation is our primary concern, and installing a tower safely requires experience. This is why we always suggest hiring a trained tower technician to perform your amateur radio tower. East Texas Towers will professionally install your tower sections, guide wire, anchors, concrete, and any other items required for proper tower usage. We currently install amateur radio towers in Greenville, Caddo Mills, Quinlin, Royse City, Rockwall, Dallas, and surrounding cities. Please contact us regarding out of state installations.

East Texas weather is unpredictable and can have a detrimental impact on your wireless internet tower. Call us if bad weather or unforeseen events cause damage to your internet tower. We will assess the tower damage and quote you on tower repairs or replacement. We will also remove your damaged tower for free.

Got an old tower on your property that you would like to have removed? East Texas Towers will remove any wireless tower for FREE. Only available in certain locations. Contact us if you would like to have a tower removed.

East Texas Towers is partnered with Texas Towers to provide you with high-quality wireless tower sales. For customers who are in need of towers, we will evaluate your tower site and provide you with the required tower for service. Refurbished towers are also available for purchase at a lower price than new towers–although we cannot guarantee to have a refurbished tower in stock to meet your requirements. Call us directly to inquire about inventory on refurbished tower sales.