East Texas Towers History

Kenny Lovett began working on commercial radio towers in 1999 while in Arkansas. Five years later, Kenny partnered with his uncle (N5YA) and advanced his trade to include amateur radio towers. Over the years–what started as primarily a hobby–turned into a profession. Kenny is proud to have built a reputable business that services towers in Texas and surrounding states.

Safety and Affordability

East Texas Towers is founded on two vital concepts: safety and affordability. Every tower installation requires the demand of making sure these key concepts are met by our team.

Following these principles has allowed our company to build a positive reputation in the industry. We are proud to have served many residential and commercial clients in Texas and surrounding states.

East Texas Towers stands behind our company motto, “It does not cost anything extra to do it right the first time.”

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Kenny Lovett

Kenny Lovett, founder of East Texas Towers, has been working on commercial and residential towers for almost 20 years. An East Texas native, Kenny lives in Lone Oak with his wife and children.


Commercial Expertise

East Texas Towers has assisted many commercial companies in the installation, repair, and removal of wireless towers. Our partnerships include radio stations, wireless internet companies, manufacturers, and more.

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Residential Provider

We are one of the top residential internet tower installation companies in the state of Texas. We provide home internet tower installation on behalf of RISE Broadband, PEOPLES internet, Speed of Light Broadband, and other wireless companies. Contact us today for an installation quote.

We proudly support our partners:

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