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​Left: Removal of 160' Rohn 25g (Livingston Repeater)

Hello, Kenny here. I took some time off from the tower scene, but now I am back. Hope everyone had a wonderful winter. Let's get some towers up!!

Your #1 solution for commercial and residential communication needs. We provide installation, removal, repair, and maintenance for any size tower. Please feel free to explore our site as we have included links of providers that we use and are highly recommended in this business. You will also find pictures of some of our previous projects. We welcome your questions via email or phone calls. Again, Thank You for visiting our site. We hope to hear from you soon. 

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Working on a Verizon Tower
Working on this tower in
    Tennessee Colony
Installing a 60ft tower for a 
customer in Jacksonville,Tx

  Setting the base (below)
Working on a 190ft rotating tower
The base of the rotating tower (pictured right)
Kaufman County 147.420 Simplex 
Video tour of K5QE
   contest station